ART on the Square Gallery

Artists / Owners

Belle Anderson

Jan Dalton

Alexandra Kassing

Renee Bruce

Debbie Grogen

Yvonne Rousseau

Judy Hopkins Jacobs

Carla Hood

Delaine Walters

Associate Artists

Sally Accetta

Laura Cody

Jo Gilpatrick

Larry Alexis

Cheryl Considine

Shanna Jasinksi

Linda Medders-Jackson

Felicia Grace Wrape

Dorrell Antley

John Foehl

Hazel Keefer

Linda Scavio

Cathy Therrell

Waverly Brown

Tekoa Freeman

Dolly Lott

Sue Selvey

Detta Zimmerman

Al Champy

Julia Coello Gallagher

Sue Lowcavage

Consignment Artists

Belle Anderson

Chris Kinon

Sean Flannery

Fred Prudhomme

Najah Clemmons

Karen Robison

Judy Jacobs

About Us

ART on the Square fine art gallery represents over 30 award-winning artists and offers painting, photography, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, stained glass and mosaics. The gallery is located at Nexton Square surrounded by premier shopping and dining in the Nexton community outside Summerville, SC.

Gallery Events

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Workshops & Classes

ART on the Square offers art workshops and classes for all levels! Click above to visit our page with our current workshop & class calendar. Join our email list for updates as soon as a new class is available.