ART on the Square Gallery

Associate Artist

Susan Selvey

I came to art rather late in life after a rewarding 23 year career as an air traffic controller.  It started out just as a way to fill some retirement hours, so imagine my surprise when a painting I entered in my very first show won the purchase award.  In the six years since, my art has received multiple awards in Charleston area shows.  I am primarily self taught but certainly appreciate those artists all over the world who are kind enough to post videos on YouTube that inspire and educate me. 

I travel a great deal and draw inspiration from all the wondrous sites I have seen and the friendly people I have met.  I have visited at least 34 states and 24 countries to date and painted everything from a baby sloth in Costa Rica to a peasant woman tending her chickens in Romania.  My representational style seeks to give the viewer the chance to enter into my painting and enjoy the moment with me. 

I try to include a bit of whimsy into many of my works and many of them tell a story when studied for a while. 

In addition to my works inspired by long distance travel, the South Carolina low country is a great  source of inspiration.  The beaches, the rural countryside, wildlife, boats and historic buildings all just beg to be painted.  I like to find the places about to be forgotten and overridden by progress and preserve them in a painting before they disappear. 

Finally, having been a equestrian for over 45 years and ridden to the highest levels of dressage, horses and companion animals also catch my attention.  Who can resist the appeal of a magnificent horse in motion or cute puppy dog eyes?

So, in a nutshell (but in a good way, I hope), my paintings are all over the place.  I strive always to be challenged by what I paint so that I learn more about the art and science of painting with every work I complete.  I work primarily in watercolor and pastels but have been known to throw in the occasional pencil drawing or acrylic as well.