ART on the Square Gallery

Associate Artist

Rachel Dubose King

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina – I’ve always been drawn to all forms of art, but especially the visual kinds. This let me to studying Fine Art at Winthrop University.

I’m a world traveler and get very excited about learning different cultures. One of the most defining things to a culture is its visual art. I’ve had the privilege to study various cultural arts with the locals that create it

I spent most of my adult life living abroad as an artist missionary in Hong Kong, Chiang Mai Thailand, and Mwanza Tanzania. In that time, I traveled extensively. For example, I have been to India 9 times! And 5 continents so far. I studied art with the Newari people in Nepal, the Bamar in Myanmar, Northern and Central Thai people groups (among others) and did an artist residency in Nairobi, Kenya.

I create art to bring hopeful feelings to those who look at it. The prevailing themes of my art are hope and joy – even in difficult times. I love LOTS of color and brightness!