Heron Fishing on Magnolia Swamp

By Alexandra Kassing


An enchanting southern landscape with deep rich color.

Media: Oil on canvas
Size: 16×20
Framed: 22×26
Kassing Heron Fishing

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“I often find my inspiration in marshes and swamps – which seem so mysterious with their dark, murky waters and lush, untamed vegetation and wildlife. In this piece, “Marsh Heron Fishing at Magnolia Swamp”, I was particularly inspired by the sublime way the light filtered through the Spanish moss and seemed to highlight the intensity of the look of the heron who was watching a fish. Actually, when I first came upon this scene, the heron was standing so motionless, I thought it was a statue. In painting this piece, I wanted to evoke a sense of calm repose, yet hint at the possibility of future movement and action – what would happen when the heron finally sprung to life and went in after his intently-watched prey? The white footbridge serves as a foil for the white heron – both are very linear and intense in their own way.  But the smooth, cold lines of the manmade footbridge strike a contrast with the wild, untamed lines of nature as represented by the heron and his surroundings. By keeping my palette fairly minimal, I kept the focus on the contrasts of light and dark, warm and cool, and how the deep, mysterious spaces contrasted with the sunlit vegetation.”  Alexandra Kassing, artist