ART on the Square Gallery

guest artist

Linda D'Elia

Guest artist Linda D’Elia says about her artistic inspiration: “I heard a scientist comment that our ecosystems are changing so rapidly that, in a generation, we likely will not see the same landscapes around us. This concern imprints itself on me and surfaces in my work. While these are serious issues, ultimately my purpose is to bring beauty into my collector’s life as they live with my work in their environment.”

“I am interested in the interpretation of organic forms, taking cues from cloud and land formations, bodies of water, and the plant world. My work contains tension between warm and cool, light and dark, and always features bright color. In this work, I capture nature’s colors, forms and light in a way that is recognizable, but my own interpretation, not what one might see through the camera’s eye.
Further pushing my practice and study, I also explore more intuitive and not always easily recognized forms. In my non-objective work, I paint the flow of nature with the same intention as I have with my more representational work.”

“I work both in oil and acrylic paint, on canvas, paper and similar supports. With more realistic work, I often hand draw the composition on newsprint, rub graphite on the back, and transfer it to my prepared surface. Next, I start with blocking in colors into my forms, and refine with successive passes. With abstract work, I start with a color palette and an idea of what I want to convey. I work in layers with brushes, rollers, shapers, and graphite or paint markers to achieve an organic overall impression.”