ART on the Square Gallery

associate artist

Laura Cody

Art is many things to many people.  For me art is a passion.

In the relatively short time that I have totally dedicated myself to painting, it has virtually consumed my life and I love every aspect of it.

I usually start by taking a photograph of anything that sparks my interest, and then try to capture the feeling or mood of the subject on canvas or pastel paper.  I will use any artistic liberties necessary to achieve my objective of a beautiful painting.

Having a studio in my home allows me the flexibility to paint at any time; however, I prefer to paint at night.  I find the quiet, uninterrupted time at night makes my creative juices flow as I escape into my own art world.  I paint almost every night, never running out of idea or subjects to paint.

I have 2 easels set up in my studio at all times, one for oil and the other for pastels.  I choose oil for its creamy consistency and rich vibrant colors and the pastels for their delicate softness and glowing color and I make my decision based on the photo reference I’m using and the subject. However, I always paint portraits with pastels.

Overall, when I think of my art, I feel the most important aspect of it is COLOR.  I use a lot of primary colors in my palette believing that it helps create drama and brings happiness and joy to the viewer.