ART on the Square Gallery

Associate Artist

Felicia Grace Neil

Felicia’s work stands out with its bright color and unique artistic vision. Her pieces seem to emanate with energy and joy. The artist says “Art has been in my family blood for generations and inspires and moves me beyond words.”

Felicia Grace Wrape has always prided herself on never fitting into a particular style or mold. Her willingness to work outside the parameters of any one style has become the hallmark of her work. Every detail from the work itself to her signature translates into art that is unique and non-conforming.

In 2018, following a difficult chapter in her life, Felicia finally fully embraced her inherent artistic abilities; leaving behind her career as a successful equestrian and moving forward pursuing her passion as an artist. With no formal training, the reality of being a fourth-generation Legacy artist continues to unfold with each work of art.

Completing her first piece of art titled “Nico” at the young age of fifteen years old, Felicia Grace Wrape knew she wanted to paint a color-filled world beautifully inspired by the elements around us. As an artist, she is always trying new mediums and styles that push her skills endearing her to many different curators.

“Every style and medium of art inspires and shapes me… not only as an artist but as a person. Art reminds me that as we start a new journey, it isn’t perfect right away, we have to stick with the process to see something beautiful.”

Felicia Grace Wrape