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Delaine Walters

Delaine, a lowcountry native lives in St. George, SC. Her artistic abilities were evident as a young girl as she created her clothes, even designing and sewing her wedding gown.

Later opening an art and craft store, she taught classes in macramé, crochet, beading, decoupage, cross-stitch and painting.

In 1992 she started taking serious fine art painting classes, participating in workshops all over the United States and Europe. She paints in oils, watercolors, mixed media, Batik, acrylics and pen & ink.

She has studied with noted artists and has developed her unique style with a combination of painting techniques.

The love of color inspires Delaine’s paintings. Vibrant, explosive colors are reflected in her expressive interpretation of landscapes, floral, and still life.  The uniqueness of batik allows her a freedom of expression not found in other media.

She enjoys the excitement of the unknown, making each painting a mystery and a delight in itself. The beauty of the works of God’s hands can be found around each corner we turn and Delaine tries to capture this.

Delaine is an exhibiting member of the Charleston Artist Guild and the Summerville Artist Guild. She has won numerous awards and her work has been featured on the covers of several calendars, tide tables and used for several nonprofit organization fundraisers. Her work is in public, corporate and private collections.