ART on the Square Gallery

Associate Artist

Carla Hood

Artist Statement:  I have always been fascinated by the works of the “Great Masters”. After retiring and settling in Summerville, the natural beauty of the area inspired me to give painting a try.

Primarily self taught, I have used several mediums in the creation of my art. After beginning with acrylics and watercolors, the medium I have come to enjoy the most is traditional oils. I find oils allow me to totally immerse myself, as I create a likeness. Recently, colored pencils have become a medium I would like to explore more. I find my inspiration in the beauty of nature all around me. Painting has forced me to really “look” at a subject for the first time – examining its line, form, color, texture, light, and shadow. Flowers, birds, animals, and even insects are some of my favorite subjects. I strive to obtain a good likeness and bring out their vibrant colors and exquisite details. To me, capturing the expressive eyes of an animal is like reaching into their soul!