ART on the Square Gallery

Associate Artist

Ann Hurst

Ann grew up in Seattle, but became an artist while living in Hawaii, where she resided for twenty years. She had always loved all types of art as a child, being influenced by her mother who was very talented in several mediums, and her love for art never ceased as an adult, and she hoped one day to pursue it.

After moving to Hawaii and taking in all the beauty, the culture and its many types of art, she was inspired to begin her journey with watercolor. The vivid colors of every flower, palm tree, beach, sunrise and sunset, the textiles, food, people, sea life, and birds, it was all a picture waiting to be painted. She began seeing everything with new eyes. Since then, she has been in shows, galleries and has been teaching watercolor for some time now. After Hawaii she moved back to the Pacific Northwest for a while, and moved again to find the sunshine and is currently living near Charleston, in beautiful South Carolina, where she is being stirred up and inspired once again. Ann has a studio space in the Public Works Arts Center in Downtown Summerville.